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Content Writing

zsavvy’s Expertise in Content Writing

  • Highly experienced, talented content writers/copywriters available
  • Choose from Junior, Mid-level, and Senior Writers to suit your need & budget
  • Excellent writing skills, well-versed with international style sheet
  • Vast global exposure & can write fluently on any topic, in any domain
  • Quality Checks for every piece of content by very senior Team Leader
  • Save up to 25% cost

Powerful, Engaging Content Can Reduce Your Marketing Cost

You’ve clicked on a website. The fabulous design has grabbed your eyeballs. Then you start reading….and wince. The content, frankly, wilts and completely dilutes the initial great first impression that the website created on you. Disappointed, you hit the ‘close’ button. Poor content has claimed yet another victim.

Sounds familiar?

Let ZSAVVY help you by creating content that works its magic



What makes Google throw a rival’s page right at the top of the page rankings? Great content that is SEO-driven. Content matters when clients seek to boost their online image and increase traffic to their website. However, for creating a robust online presence you need a constant supply of rich, high-quality content for your websites, blogs, white papers, press releases, newsletters, and corporate brochures. So, who can best generate high-quality content? Why not explore an economically viable alternative to an in-house team of writers or freelancers? Hire remote dedicated content writers who produce SEO-rich content, and are aware of the frequently-changing algorithms of leading search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

article writing company


Do you need to hire experienced and prolific article writers who could deliver on time? Go in for employing remote dedicated content writers from us. Our remote article writers produce high-quality pieces of content that are tailored for your website’s requirements. They can write on a range of subjects, including current trends in technology and sciences, biotechnology and pharmacy, and marketing. Unlike freelancers, they do not serve more than one client at a time. The dedicated writers always strike a balance between producing quality content and delivering the job within required timelines.

business technical writing


Technical writing calls for a judicious mix of technical knowledge and a great command over the language to be able to convert technical know-how into an easy-to-understand format. Technical writing is essential for those companies who are more inclined towards the sciences and IT-related domains and yet need content that has allure enough to draw visitors to their website. A good technical writer, therefore, has the capability to enhance your business to new heights. We have highly-educated content writers who have vast experience in all kinds of technical writing. They can work closely with various stakeholders to prepare documents and presentations. Our remote dedicated writers help you create online help, user manuals, white papers, design specifications, system manuals, project plans, business correspondence and much else. They can also prepare customized templates and skeleton bid plans.



A well-written, crisp and attention-grabbing Press Release is one of the best ways to promote your company’s marketing and branding efforts. This is because Press Releases have a very good presence on search engine results. Your website’s link on a Press Release website will immediately boost your SEO rankings and attract indirect traffic to your website. Basically, it is one of the fundamental tools of online marketing. Our team of writers is capable of writing attention-grabbing Press Releases announcing promotions, new products and services, sales and other financial data, scheduled events, and achievements. We provide you with dedicated and talented writers who have an excellent command over the English language, and a flair for writing.

proof reading services


No matter how well-written an article is, if its pages are littered with missing or incorrectly placed commas, wrong spellings or poor punctuation, chances you are going to quit reading in disgust. That’s how crucial a proofreader’s role is – making a piece of content error-free and grammatically flawless. A strong command over the language, an unerring eye for detail and the ability to stick to deadlines are the hallmarks of a good proofreader. Naturally, not all can do this work since reading reams of text and being alert to every mistake can be a tedious and strenuous effort. That’s why most people prefer to have professional proofreaders scan their written work and give it the thumbs-up sign for proceeding to the next level.



All of us have that one favourite ad copy or ad jingle that somehow managed to remain lodged in our memories long after it was pulled off the air or print. One of the reasons behind its phenomenal success was the ad copy. It could have been a one-liner or even a few words. But it made an impact that outlived its duration and often straddled generations. A company can race ahead of its competitors if its advertising campaign strikes an instant recall in the minds of its intended audience. Conversely, poor copywriting can ruin your reputation in the market. We have a team of creative copywriters who can write well-written, compelling copy. However, finding good copywriters can be quite frustrating. But we provide copywriters who can write persuasive advertisements for you.

press release writing service


Newsletters are a great way of letting your clients know just what is happening in your company. New launches, new customer initiatives, record sales, offers, etc. We provide you with Newsletter writers who are highly educated, experienced, fluent in English, and have a way with words. Our writers can put together an information-rich and well-written Newsletter for your business needs. Keep your customers informed about your business by hiring our dedicated efficient writers who could generate information and updates about your company or product line for the targeted audience.

academic writing company


Giving a great speech and actually penning one may not always originate from the same source! If you want to produce speeches for graduation, class assignments, and other purposes, you can contact VirtualEmployee.com to get efficient speech writers. With the help of our content writers, you can dazzle your audience and make a good impression on your listeners. Our speech writers have an unblemished record of delivering the required speech within the stipulated time. With the help of our state-of-the-art communication tools, you can efficiently collaborate with your remote dedicated speech writers.



Rare is a business website that does not have a Blog section to help promote its business and expand its reach. A blog is that indispensable marketing tool that helps you showcase your grasp over your field, provide a wealth of information to your intended audience, and win over new customers as well. It helps you build social relations with your readers and other bloggers. That is why it is a great source of reaching out to your target audience and boosting your business. Our skilled and experienced writers can create informative, compelling, interactive SEO-rich blogs. Handpick the most suitable writer from our large talent pool of writers who have a high level of proficiency in English and a flair for writing. Our professional, versatile, and competent content writers are committed to both quality as well as deadlines.

travel writing services


If you have a travel website or a travel business, then you know only too well the power of the written word and how effective it can be in wooing customers. Travel writers bring alive even a mundane destination with just a few master strokes of their pen (or rather mouse and keyboard!) as they breathe life into an empty canvas and make it come alive. Our talented travel writers can seduce the senses with their imaginative writing, transport your readers into exotic destinations, infuse their write-up with the salty smell of sea spray or the fragrance of a spice garden. They are indispensable for those individuals and organizations that don’t have enough time or skills to write saleable travel features or travelogues for their websites, magazines, or books. Our writers have the capacity to write in an engaging way and provide informative and picturesque description of a historical place or a tourist destination.

clinical writing


If you are on the lookout for specialized writers who could create customized medical writings, then you have come to the right place. VirtualEmployee.com can provide you with fluent English-speaking writers who boast a strong background in biology, pharmacology, chemistry, and biotechnology to handle all your medical writing needs. They have a good understanding of medical terminologies and jargons. Our dedicated writers have got experience of working closely with doctors, scientists, and other subject matter experts. They generate content that could describe research results, product use, and other such medical information. Importantly, VirtualEmployee.com makes every effort to provide a protective environment for your critical data.

e book writing services


Writing an e-book and growing your list of subscribers is an effective marketing tool to get higher traffic and better leads for your business. Finding a reliable e-book writing service provider online is often quite challenging. The Web is replete with websites set up by freelancers who are often barely competent in the use of English language and entrap small businesses and internet marketers into making choices. We offer a large resource pool of talented e-book writers and copywriters who are able to write e-books on both fictional and non-fictional topics with grammatical correctness with a quick turnaround times. They can efficiently handle all your e-book writing needs from concept to producing final deliverable in a PDF or word document format.

legal drafting


Legal writing is very crucial to expedite the day-to-day affairs in court rooms, bars, LPOs, etc. That is why law firms and LPOs hire legal writers to contribute to legal newsletters, brochures and marketing copy, feature articles, web content, legal blogs, news reports, attorney profiles, deposition summarization, etc. We have a team of law graduates and paralegals who have expertise in producing legal writings. As these dedicated writers are well-versed in English and are fully aware of the constitutions and legal system of the Western countries, they are capable of generating a wide range of high-quality and up-to-date legal content. By hiring remote dedicated legal writers with us, you can streamline your legal writing requirements.



A resume is the first point of contact between a prospective employee and their employer. All too often employers are pressed for time and many a resume has sadly ended up in the trash bin instead of the hiring managers’ desk. Given the high rate of unemployment and the elbow-pushing to bag a desired job that loosely describes the job market anywhere these days, what can pip the post in your favour may well be that well-crafted resume. As a result, resume writers have become an indispensable part of jobs consultancies. If you are a job consultant and are seeking resumes for your candidates that could catch the attention of hiring managers, you should hire remote dedicated content writers with us. Our content writers have a knack for carving out customized resumes and making a candidate stand out from the rest. They are well-versed in English and have got years of experience of writing resumes. A great resume lands you your dream job.

content writing company


It is virtually impossible for you to fulfill all the writing commitments if you have undertaken some academic writing project. This is because academic writing is difficult and requires a lot of closely investigated knowledge. We have a team of highly qualified dedicated writers who specialize in academic writing. Our seasoned writers have excellent command over English and are professional enough to always maintain an impersonal and dispassionate tone in academic writing. Our writers never stay too thinly spread as they don’t serve more than one client at a time. They focus on producing quality product, and yet they make sure that work is delivered in time.

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