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Finance & Accounts

There is a growing trend toward outsourcing high-end finance and accounting processes overseas. This is because offshore destinations such as Pakistan have abundance of talent that delivers high-quality solutions. So, unlike the past when only low-end processes such as data entry and payroll were outsourced, an increasing number of small and large companies are now shipping their high-end finance and accounting processes to Pakistan and other developing countries.

  • Every candidate is pre-screened
  • TwoTheir backgrounds are thoroughly checked Three
  • We ensure that they have work experience in the fields that you desire Four
  • You can interview each candidate face-to-face via video conferencing in ‘real’ time
dedicated accounting expert

Dedicated Accounting experts

Hire your very own accounting experts who can handle processes like approval and exception routing, month-end closings, audit trail, preparing periodic statements etc. These resources work exactly like your in-house employees and you can take updates from them in real time.a

  • Approval and exception routing
  • Shortened month-end statements
  • Documented audit trails
  • Receivable transactions
  • Credit memos
  • Refund checks
raleigh bookkeeping

Dedicated Bookkeeping professionals

Your dedicated bookkeeping professionals work exclusively for you from our well equipped office and deliver exceptional quality of services. These professionals are well versed with the latest software used in the trade like Sage Accounting, MYOB and Business Vision etc.

  • Custom reports
  • Employee reports
  • Beak-up of expenses
  • General bookkeeping
  • Customized solutions
financial analyst services

Financial Analysts

The dedicated financial analysts give you customized solutions well within the stipulated time frame. This is because the dedicated resources work exclusively for you from our office. These resources can read, speak and write the English language just like your own in-house employees and have ample experience of working on documents like Form 1003 – transcript of tax return or account.

  • Financial research
  • Financial analysis
  • Corporate financial statements
  • Monthly and annual reports
  • Analysis of portfolio structure
Financial Managers

Financial Managers

You can enhance the overall performance of your company by hiring dedicated financial managers with Virtual Employee Pvt. Ltd. These professionals have a proven track record of handling managerial accounting and corporate finance. We give them access to the latest hardware, software and online collaboration tools to interact extensively with you.

  • Interpretation of financial reports
  • Income tax statement
  • Review of financial health
tax specialist

Tax Preparation experts

We help you hire tax preparation experts from Pakistan who are well versed with Form 1040 – for Individuals, Form 1065 – for Partnerships and Form 1120 – for Companies and Corporations.These professionals give you customized solutions by working in close collaboration with you.

  • Income taxes
  • ‘C’ corporation income taxes
  • ‘S’ corporation income taxes
  • Partnership income taxes
  • Fiduciary income taxes
payroll specialist

Payroll Experts

The dedicated payroll experts hired with Virtual Employee Pvt. Ltd. are your very own employees that work in close coordination with you and thus deliver the desired results within a quick turnaround time. We not only help you hire these resources, but also provide them with office space, hardware and software.

  • Issuing tax forms
  • Preparing work schedules
  • Proper allotment of funds
  • Employee insurance
  • Employee benefits
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