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Multimedia and Animation

Hire experienced and well qualified multimedia experts to help you with modern and creative solutions, Whether it is 2D,3D animation, video Editing and Production, Autodesk-Maya or creating eye-catching after Effects, we can help you harness the perfect multimedia resources. Our unique recruitment process allows you to hire the most suitable employee to resources all your multimedia requirements

2D Animation

2D Animation

zsavvy.com boasts a rich talent pool of highly creative, skilled and (most importantly) English-speaking animation experts who are well-versed with the industry and understand its nuances. They can combine the latest animation technology with their creativity and take your project to an entirely new level.Your dedicated animation experts can work successfully on any project - be it Classical Animation, Flash Animation, Toon Boom, Character Animation, and much else. Your 2D animator uses different techniques such as custom animation, cell animation to make an image come to life to create 2D animation movies, e-cards, games, interactive CD presentations, and advertisements.

3d animation services

3D Animation

Our animation experts specialize in creating outstanding animation effects for commercial production houses, studios, and advertising agencies, which can be used in 3D animation movie clips, game development, TV commercials, CD presentations for corporate houses, etc. There is a significant volume of 3D animation services coming to Pakistan, because the Pakistani animation industry is second to only that of Hollywood. Not only will the media and entertainment providers in the UK and US have access to some of the best talent there is in the field, but also enjoy their expertise at extremely cost-effective rates.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Hire talented professionals for all your Graphic Designing needs from us. From logo design, UI design, image editing to website redesigning, etc, our talented and experienced Graphic Designers create beautiful, innovative and tailor-made graphics that are guaranteed to add value to your online presence. Armed with technical know-how as well as an innate aesthetic sense, our designers have in-depth knowledge of design software such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and CorelDRAW.

professional video editing service

Video Editing

We have Video Editing experts who have years of experience in their field and who have honed their skills to a fine art. Video editing involves a thorough knowledge of knowing not just where to cut but also when to cut. Akin to movie editing, except on a smaller canvas, video editing experts are the ones who make a video crisp and view worthy. Well-edited videos do not have a single useless frame. Each image has been carefully chosen because it adds value to the overall video. Knowing this fine distinction is what sets apart our zsavvy.com video editing wizards, whether it is chopping segments (trimming), re-organizing the sequence of clips, or adding special effects.

e learning provider


This is the era of e-learning where teaching and learning are no longer confined to a brick and mortar classroom. The computer screen is the new age classroom for many people. Today, one can learn - virtually - out of the class, from anywhere in the world. However, it requires a lot of skills to create an environment in which e-learning is possible. zsavvy.com has a talent pool of multimedia experts who have been in the business of creating 3D tutorials, smart boards, and software for e-learning on common subjects such as Math, science, physics, and literature.

comic book designing services

Comic Book design

A picture can convey so much more than mere words and doesn´t everyone love comics! Hire bright minds from zsavvy.com who can breathe life onto an empty canvas and transform white space into a vibrant, talking source of entertainment. Using Illustrator, CorelDraw, InDesign and much more, these creative and experienced professionals know just how powerful the ´talking´ image can be. It creates instant response, captures the essence in a nutshell and finds easy readership even among those who are averse to reading!

autocad drafting


Hire highly experienced architects from us who can give customized and cost-effective architectural designing solutions. These remote dedicated experts provide high-quality 3D rendering, architectural visualization, architectural animation, walkthroughs, and multimedia presentation for architectural projects. In fact, the creativity and ingenuity of these experienced architects can give a facelift to the interiors of the architectural construction. With remote dedicated architects on board, you can take your business to new heights.


Sound Effects

Do you want to create a new game like Angry Birds, but find it beyond your means? Contact zsavvy.com. We can provide you with affordable yet highly experienced sound designers who can create sound effects on videos e.g., SFX, or if sound is needed on some website, advertisements, or on software, wallpapers, and desktop themes. Besides providing field recordings and sound effects, the remotely working dedicated sound designers balance volumes, equalize levels, and provide post-processing. These professionals make sure that your sound is of optimum quality for your device.

web design animation services

Animated Web Design

Our bunch of talented professionals are wizards at providing animated web design solutions. These animation experts have been creating high-quality animated e-cards and animated banners on websites. You need not worry about the cost of these designers. They are far less expensive than your in-house employee. Armed with ample experience, these animated web design experts can enhance your website´s appearance, attract more customers through their vibrant animations and overall divert more traffic to your website.

2d character design

Character Design

We offer you easy access to Highly skilled professionals who have got expertise in character designer tasks. You can hire character designer professionals for services such as logo design, mascot design, poster design, corporate branding, flyer design, print ad, brochure design, calendar design, illustration, business collateral, banner ads, storyboard, and caricature. These professionals are also good at line integral convolution (LIC), a technique used to visualize fluid motion, for example, the wind movement in a tornado.

dvd production services

DVD Presentation

If you are on the lookout for Photo DVD Makers, you can easily hire them from zsavvy.com. These Photo DVD Makers have got expertise in rendering photographs into vivid DVD/Blu-ray sideshows that can be watched on TV with the help of DVD/Blu-ray player. These experts also create video slideshows that can be played on iPads, iPhones, Android phones, and tablets. The Photo DVD Makers are capable of giving background music and sound narration. Best of all? You can easily control and communicate with your remote employees.

user interface design company

User Interface Design

Hire professionals from zsavvy.com if you want customized software interface design solutions. Keeping in view the user´s experience and interaction, our dedicated animators design websites, computers, appliances, machines, mobile communication devices, and software applications. Their motto is to make the user´s interaction simple and efficient. These professionals focus on making the design of the software. Then, they concentrate on its functioning. After making the software run, the remote dedicated professional work on making it user-friendly.

sketch graphic design services

Sketch & Storyboard

Our storyboard artists have expertise in developing storyboards for advertising agencies and film productions. Apart from using quick sketches on paper after visualizing stories, the remote storyboard artists use Flash, Photoshop, and other storyboard applications. So, if you are an art director or a film director, you can hire storyboard artists from zsavvy.com. These professionals are cost-effective and provide tailor-made solutions that match a client´s requirements. You´ll find it quite easy to coach, control, and collaborate with your remote dedicated animators.


Game Design

Are you looking for affordable game designers who could devise 3D and 2D gaming designs, mobile games, and tablet games? We are in the business of supplying remote dedicated game designers to our global clients. Besides being visionary, these game designers are endowed with artistic and technical skills. In the pre-production stage of game designing, these professionals design the content and rule of a game. They design gameplay, environment, storyline and characters during the production stage. In a nutshell, these remote dedicated game designing experts have all the credentials as game designers.

commercial designing services

TV & Commercial

Hire animators and graphic designers who could help you in the making of serials, advertisements, short movies, and documentaries. We have talented animators, graphic designers, and artists who are highly experienced and gifted resources and who have the capability to boost your business. With an eye for creativity and bursting with new ideas, these artists and animators work exclusively for their client even though they do so from a remote offshore location. Though these artists and animators work from a remote location, they work exclusively for their client. With the help of modern tools of communication, you can easily have these skilled animators deliver tailor-made animations for you.

video production service

Promotional Video

There are so many videos being made these days for all kinds of purposes. We have experts who have rich experience in making promotional videos. Nowadays every business is busy in making commercial videos like product videos, sales/marketing videos, cartoon style, motion graphics, video tutorials and many more. For the convenience of our clients, we have introduced promotional video-making as one of our core services, which can help you grow faster by promoting your business through videos. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get down to work, reach out to people, and make your dream come true.


Logo Design

There are millions of logos attached to every conceivable business organization around the world, but one thing you'll notice is that each one of them is unique. Our creative logo design team is equipped to do adequate research on your industry and business requirements and come up with a suitable logo. Creative as they are, these logos let you stand out in a market that always hankers for attention. Every logo that we design tells a story. Check out what your logo speaks about. Let our designers do justice to your business.

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