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Virtual Assistants

A Virtual Assistant is your office assistant who uses online collaboration tools to do secretarial work for you from a remote location. He/she is highly skilled at dealing with your administrative or technical jobs. There is a growing trend towards hiring them, thanks to modern communication technologies.

Why should you hire a remote assistant?

ZSAVVY has professional and experienced virtual assistants that are well versed in using online collaboration tools to provide maximum efficiency support from our offices in Pakistan. We equip them with latest tools and technology to provide administrative and technical support to you making your day to day activities running smoothly

What services can you send to us?

You can save your time, money, and energy by sending all your mundane tasks to the dedicated employees. Your remote assistants will not only take care of your ongoing business operations but they will help you grow your business by allowing you enough time to spend on the development and marketing of your products.

  • They handle your customers’ inquiries through emails or telephone.
  • They give your clients the low-down on important details about your services or products.
  • They deal with accounts and billing.
  • They manage your travel plans and itinerary.
  • They manage customer spreadsheets and contact lists.
  • They prepare and ship proposals and other meeting materials.
  • They handle your correspondence.
  • You can harness the skills for maintaining a calendar and arranging meetings.
  • They can be hired to do transcription services.
Personal and Executive Assistant

Personal and Executive Assistant

Too much on your plate? Have to wear multiple hats? Just hire a personal assistant and delegate tasks like

  • Handling your emails
  • Dealing with customers
  • Organizing meetings and managing calendars
  • Managing files
  • Drafting letters and memos

And many more…
Focus on your core business responsibilities while they take care of your day to day activities and focus on your core business activities.”

Business Coordinators

Business Coordinators

Our experienced receptionists and admins can help you with running your business and office smoothly and make your day worries free. Task them with

  • Responding to customer inquiries
  • Handling and shipping orders
  • Managing your travel plans and itineraries
  • Coordinating office requirements
  • Creating reports and summaries
  • Coordinating events

And many more……

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